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Sclerotherapy - Pre-Procedure Instructions

Preparation for Injections

1. Do not shave, use bath oil, lotion, or tanning products on your legs the day of your injections.

2. Bring a pair of loose fitting shorts and your compression stockings with you on the day of your injections if required by your physician.

3. Wear loose fitting clothing and a comfortable pair of shoes. Some patients will be wearing their compression stockings home.

Compression Stockings

The need to wear compression stockings after your sclerotherapy session will be determined by your physician based on the size of the veins being treated. Wearing compression hosiery may be an important part of your therapy as it prevents blood from re-entering the injected veins. You may purchase compression stockings through our office. It is best to purchase the stockings before your first sclerotherapy appointment to practice putting your hose on to ensure they fit properly.

Our product line includes knee high and thigh high stockings. The price of our stockings ranges from $20.00-$50.00 depending on the style and level of compression.

Some insurance companies cover the cost of compression stockings. You may want to contact your insurance company to verify your policy. If your insurance does reimburse for compression stockings, you will need to purchase your stockings from a licensed durable medical equipment (DME) provider. Please let us know and we will give you a prescription and help you find a local DME retailer.

If you have any questions or problems, please call the Restoration Vein Care office at (734) 712-4310.