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Restoration Vein Care Can Help You Resolve Your Spider Veins

While spider veins and varicose veins have the same root cause, they have a completely different appearance. Spider veins appear as a web of thin veins that spread across an area on the face or legs due to either valve failure or swelling. Women are the primary sufferers of spider veins, though they are also known to occur in men. Those who suffer from the unwanted appearance of the web of veins can get rid of them with a relatively simple treatment. At Restoration Vein Care, we see many individuals in Saline, Milford and surrounding areas seeking relief from their spider veins.

The appearance of spider veins is due to the fact that they are just under the surface of the skin. When they swell or allow blood to flow back in, they become raised and prominent, just like a varicose vein. In this particular situation, the smaller veins are affected, and more of them all at once. Unlike varicose veins, the network typically does not protrude above the skin or create a large protrusion. Spider veins can be either painless or irritating, including itching or burning. Rarely do they cause any more severe discomfort.

Veins send blood to the heart, and do so by contracting with a heart beat. Blood is supposed to flow one way through the veins on its return, which also keeps the veins in their position. A "gate" closes to keep the blood in the vein at a specific volume before the next heart beat. When something happens to the veins, such as inflammation, weakening of the walls, or (rarely) a blood clot, the gate can fail and allow blood to pool. This pooling directly results in the veins swelling and becoming visible just under the surface of the skin.

The causes for veins to appear in this fashion are varied. For women, hormones and pregnancy can put strain on the vascular system, causing the veins to lose elasticity in some areas. Both men and women who are on their feet for hours also stress their veins in such a way that spider veins can appear. For others, heredity can play a role in their appearance.

Our vein specialists use sclerotherapy for this particular issue, as it is the most effective form of treatment. This treatment for spider veins uses FDA approved sclerosing liquid or solution injected directly into the affected veins. This irritates the lining of the veins, causing them to shrink in reaction. This results in them disappearing from view within a relatively short time after treatment. There may be bruising or skin discoloration at the site, but this will resolve in a few weeks post-treatment.

Resolving spider veins at the Restoration Vein Clinic is done on an outpatient basis. The patient comes into the office, meets with a specialist, has the procedure performed, then leaves about a half hour later. Patients have no restrictions on their activities afterwards and can expect to walk out without any discomfort.