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Dangers and Risks of Varicose Veins

The dangers associated with varicose veins vary from case to case. Not all of our patients who have varicose or spider veins will have noticeable symptoms. The unsightly bulging vein may appear, but no other signs or symptoms are felt. In some cases, only mild discomfort is noticed. When this happens, many times our patients associate it with another health issue. Symptoms such as itching, pain in and around the vein and muscle cramping can begin to present themselves at any time. While spider veins are not as unsightly, they can still present health issues that require a doctor's care.

The two main risks associated with varicose veins are blood clots and ulcers. A varicose vein is the result of blood that pools or collects within a vein and does not flow as it should. As the fluid continues to collect, the tissues around the vein begin to breakdown the tissue. The longer the condition persists, the more degraded the tissue becomes. Eventually the skin begins to become discolored and a lesion or ulcer may appear. Most often lesions and ulcers associated with varicose veins occur on the lower part of the leg, near the ankle. For those living in Milford, Saline and surrounding areas that believe they may have a lesion forming or one has already appeared, seeking varicose vein treatment is vitally important.

Blood clots are also a dangerous risk for people with varicose veins. Because pools of blood sit for long periods of time, blood clots can begin to form. In some cases, they form deep within the tissue causing burning, painful sensations that can radiate outwards. This can eventually lead to severe leg cramps that can dramatically affect a person's quality of life. As the condition continues to worsen, the larger clots can break up and begin to travel throughout the body, causing a variety of other health issues.

Not only are varicose veins unsightly and uncomfortable, they have the capability of contributing to other major health problems. Even if one has no symptoms, it is a good idea to get them checked regularly to make sure no other problems are developing.

Seeking vein treatment solutions is a positive way to improve circulation and reduce the risks associated with the condition. Both surgical and non-surgical treatment options are available that can help a person regain control of their lives. Less pain and discomfort allows for more freedom of movement and greater mobility. We can help our patients regain their quality of life and begin to resume their normal activities. It is our goal to restore their confidence by reducing the appearance of both varicose and spider veins, and in the process, help to improve their circulation.