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Minimally Invasive Treatments Can Banish Spider Veins

Today men and women don't have to settle for the spread of spider veins on their legs which is often attributable to age or vein disease. In the past, treatments for vein disease used to be painful and sometimes involved surgery. Now the treatments are often minimally invasive and they are really effective for removing spider veins. If one lives in Canton or Livonia, MI there are some excellent vein centers located in that area where one can consult with specialists and receive treatment. It can be a good idea to get treatment for vein disease, for several reasons. One, unsightly spider veins can make people who wear shorts, dresses and bathing suits very self-conscious. Two, if left untreated some forms of vein disease can get worse and cause pain and bulging of the veins in the legs. Seeking a medical opinion about spider veins and other vein problems is always a good idea.

It's important to weigh one's options and learn about the latest types of spider vein treatment that provide exceptional before and after results. One of the treatments is highly effective and allows people to resume most activities right away. The following information can help a person decide if this treatment meets their needs:


This treatment is often used to fight spider veins in the early stages before vein disease becomes too advanced. A fine needle is used to deliver a solution that causes the veins to close up and disappear. This treatment option is virtually painless and can require several doctor visits. The results can vary depending on the person and the condition of the spider veins. Often one to six sessions are needed to effect a complete removal of the spider veins. This non-surgical treatment can be a very effective option for many people.

Choose Board Certified Doctors for Spider Vein Treatment

There are several criteria one should review when selecting a vein treatment center. One of the main points to consider is if the doctors are Board Certified. This means that the doctors meet nationally recognized standards and they are highly skilled in delivering medical care for venous diseases. There are such Board Certified doctors at vein treatment centers serving the Livonia and Canton, MI areas. These doctors can treat spider veins and even varicose veins with non-surgical treatments and sometimes combinations of surgical and non-surgical methods. It is always wise to consult with such highly qualified specialists to discover options for vein disease treatment.