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Restoration Vein Care Opens Brighton Office

A range of vein treatments for men and women is available at both the Ann Arbor and Brighton office of Restoration Vein Care. Vein treatments at the Brighton office can be scheduled through the Ann Arbor office.

Sclerotherapy, the treatment for spider veins in men and women, can be performed in our office setting. Injections are made into the diseased vein which closes off the blood flow and erases the vein. Even if more invasive vein treatments are required, the recovery period is much shorter than in previous years. Our staff offers the best in state of the art treatment for all vein issues. Catheter ablation is the laser and radio frequency treatment for more intense vein problems. Last are Phlebectomy and minimally invasive surgical stripping procedures which remove radical vein disease and obstructions. Varicose veins are potentially a dangerous affliction and most insurance carriers are well aware of the serious nature of vein ailments. Therefore, most carriers cover the repair and treatment of varicose veins.

The cause of varicose veins is multiple. Arteries bring blood from the heart to the arms and legs of the patient. Veins use one way valves to channel that blood back to the heart. Whenever an obstruction is present or prolonged pressure is placed on the veins, the vein wall stretches. When this occurs, the valves no longer close properly. The leg veins close to the skin enlarge and become in what is commonly called varicose veins and/or spider veins, causing pain to the patient as well as unsightly lumps and purple discolorations

Our office staff is comprised of four extremely skilled and talented physician specialists: Walter Whitehouse, Jr.,M.D., Gil Borlaza, M.D., Vishal Baghat, M.D., and Michael Heidenreich, M.D. All four specialists are board certified and have years of expertise in laser, radio and frequency sclerotherapy. Their reputation is the highest for successful treatment of various kinds of varicose vein problems. They have excellent bedside manner and explain thoroughly each procedure and why it should be performed. The physicians of the Restoration Vein Care have dedicated their practice to relieving the pain and disabling phlebitis associated with varicose vein complications.

You deserve to have our medical physicians treat and cure your ugly, painful and dangerous varicose vein problem before it worsens into a more serious medical issue. The procedures are usually performed in our office and the recuperation time is very minimal. The best news is that for once you will not have pain when standing or walking, and you can feel comfortable in bermuda shorts again.

Potential patients are invited to review our website and read over the information there for all types of varicose veins and the individual treatment recommended. After reviewing our site thoroughly, contact our capable and knowledgeable support staff to make your first appointment for consultation. We are your vein care center and serve all Ann Arbor areas including Ypsilanti, Canton, Plymouth, Belleville and Milan. Our offices also reach patients in the Brighton, Howell and Milford regions of Michigan.