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Restoration Vein Care Offers Many Options for Eliminating Unsightly Veins

Restoration Vein Care located in Ann Arbor serves the needs of patients in Milford, Saline and surrounding areas. They recognize the fact that their patients want to eliminate their varicose and spider veins with the least possible amount of discomfort. To that end, they offer different kinds of treatments that address unsightly veins and provide near or total elimination of their appearance. The kind of treatment used depends on where they are showing, the severity and how it presents. Our physicians have decades of experience with treating spider and varicose veins, and strive to give patients the best possible result after the procedure.

Varicose and spider veins appear when a condition known as venous reflux happens in the vein. Blood flows in one direction only, and a mechanism in the vein keeps the blood from flowing backwards. When this mechanism fails, the veins become prominent in the legs for varicose veins, and primarily on the face for spider veins. There are many reasons that result in failure of the mechanism, but all of them have the same result. Blood falls back into the vein, causing it to enlarge and rise to the surface of the skin in a network, or above it for a bulging appearance.

Treatment depends on where the vein is showing through, and how:

Our physicians at Restoration Vein Care focus on making the procedure as minimally invasive as possible. This allows patients to come in and leave on the same day with little pain. Patients are able to drive themselves home and go about their daily lives without complications. Our staff explains aftercare and sends patients home with a set of instructions on what to do and when. Patients who follow our instructions are going to see results quickly, and can get back to feeling good about their appearance again.