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The Right Vein Treatment Means Less Discomfort

Whether a person has spider veins, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) or other problems, there are a number of ways they can be helped. At Restoration Vein Care, we offer plenty of options to help people who need vein treatment in Saline and the surrounding areas.

It's important to get treatment for vein issues, because they can get worse over time. They also often cause leg aching, restlessness, swelling, and other problems. While women are more susceptible, men can also have problems with their veins that need evaluation and treatment.A cure for issues like varicose veins isn't possible, because a person who is predisposed to having vein issues will continue to have them. However, there are several ways they can be treated. Most treatment options have short recovery times and can be done right in our office.

Sclerotherapy is a chemical injection that can often be used on people who have spider veins, and larger veins may benefit from a catheter ablation. There are also minimally invasive surgical options such as micro-phlebectomy.

No matter what kind of treatments our patients need, we are dedicated to making sure they get the best possible options.

Recovery times are short with most vein treatment procedures, so patients don't have to worry about missing a lot of work or not being able to enjoy activities that matter to them. We explain everything carefully during consultation, including any risks that patients will face, the degree of discomfort they can expect, and when they can resume all of their normal activities. Questions can be answered then, as well. The most important thing we emphasize is that good vein health is important, and treatments to restore that health can also lower discomfort for many patients.

Dealing with varicose veins every day can mean a lot of leg swelling, along with aching and restlessness that can be difficult to ignore. Over time, the discomfort can stop a person from working and from enjoying all kinds of activities. After getting the right vein treatment, our patients are back to doing the types of things they love, and can go back to work after only a small recovery time, often next day. Almost all insurance companies cover varicose vein treatments, as well, so patients don't have to put off needed treatment because of worries over the cost of it. We can help them get relief from discomfort much sooner than they might think.